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Involution - the original creation document has become part of the book 'God Does Not Roll Dice'.

The introductory page of the book has been reproduced below.

Thomas Vazhakunnathu

God Does Not Roll Dice

ISBN: 9781301949069, ASIN: B00FJ42ESS


"You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free"

What is our true nature? Are we a physical body? Are we a mind? Or are we a spirit? Are we something else? What do we mean when we say 'I am'? Where do we come from and where are we going? These are questions asked by everyone at some point of time during their evolutionary journey unless one has not reached that level of awareness or has decided not to think for oneself. The purpose of this book is to help answer these fundamental questions and show every person, who is open, his true eternal nature, purpose of life and the oneness of everything in the Universe.

Through this book, the author has attempted to explain hitherto unknown and misunderstood or partially understood truths about the Universe and human beings from a spiritual and scientific perspective. It covers some of the fundamental matters like:

  •  The Creator
  •  The Creation
  •  Metaphotons, the fundamental particles.
  •  The purpose of Life.
  •  Cosmic Laws or Natural Laws
  •  Evolution
  •  The constitution of a human being.
  •  Rays and Chakras
  •  Nature and function of mind
  •  Consciousness
  •  Thoughts and feelings
  •  Natural living or Sustainable living
  •  How to live in harmony with Nature
  •  Transformation of human beings
  •  Transformation of our planet

No attempt has been made to formulate the ideas, methods and principles presented, into a watertight system. The approach, as the reader would discern, is multidisciplinary, innovative, and fluid. In fact, the inclination to form a new system of thinking or a new philosophy of life has been purposely avoided as it tends to become an impediment, a baggage that steals spontaneity and openness in participating in further learning. However, a conscious attempt has been made to educate how a person can, by positively transforming his inner nature, live in harmony with Nature or the Universe. It is always better to understand for yourself the nature and purpose of life, rather than blindly believing in someone's perspective, because only when you know the truth yourself you could really experience the freedom it brings.

Please approach this book with an open mind and accept the fact that there are always more truths to know, and we will know more as we evolve. It is best that all philosophies and systems are allowed to evolve rather than strait jacketing them into quick reference formulae. Those who are researching on the objective (physical) world should not deny the existence of the subjective (metaphysical and spiritual) world that is the cause behind every form and manifestation. Science is correct as far as it has progressed towards the study and analysis of the form or the physical side of life and Nature.

We should always keep in mind that no matter how big or useful a discovery, objective science has its limitations and can bring out only part of the truth as only the physical manifestation is subject to objective analysis. However, it is also a fact that objective science explains more about the nature of God than many of the religious teachings. However, to understand the scientific relationship that exists between the physical and the metaphysical we have to employ the mind more than machines.

You will realize from this book that the ultimate purpose of life is consciousness or awareness development. If you can compare the level of your consciousness as a child and now, and you are sure that there has been substantial growth and development in consciousness between then and now, then this book is for you as it will help you to understand the true nature and purpose of life and take you to the next level of consciousness.

This book will definitely challenge and inspire you and stretch the current limit of your consciousness like never before. It will show you how much conscious evolution you can achieve by understanding your true inner nature and aligning yourself with the nature and purpose of life. It also shows that we live in an orderly and purposeful Universe which is multidimensional and when we learn to live in harmony with it we can live an abundant life. We are the cause and the conditions of our life are only the effects. When we change inwardly the external world has to change so as to be in alignment with our inner vibrations.

This book contains many of the truths that will bring more light and help in aligning science with spirituality and bring the much needed enlightenment to humanity. The method followed in this book is to introduce new concepts at appropriate places which are then elaborated upon in the subsequent paragraphs. I agree that some truths presented herein may not make sense or be acceptable to many at this point of time in their evolution. But there can be no real understanding if we listen only to those things that gratify or confirm our existing beliefs and ideas. Therefore, the author requests the reader to be patient; take in only what is making sense now and sincerely try to embody and live it which will in turn lead to higher truths and ultimately to self realization.

Thomas Vazhakunnathu

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